5 Stylish Indian Male Fashion Bloggers You Need To Follow On Instagram

Up your style game this International Men's Day

men's fashion bloggerOn the occasion of International Men’s Day, here are five stylish Indian male fashion bloggers, who you need to follow to up your style game. Men’s fashion is a segment that has not been given much importance in our country. We fail to realise that fashion is equally desirable and important for a man as much as it is for women. Women influencers get their share of fame, but let us give an ode to male fashion bloggers who prove the world, that staying fashionable is their thing! Here are 5 fashion bloggers you need to be following right away to get your daily dose of fashion:

1. @osmanwatali

Osman Ali Watali, a young guy from Jammu and Kashmir, explores with various styles and has won tremendous appreciation for his work. He has got the opportunity to work with several famous brands and there’s not a thing that could stop this guy! Take some inspiration from him here:

2. @TheDapperLabel

Usaamah Siddique has a very fresh and peppy style which can be best followed by all young men out there. No matter how difficult fashion blogging for men seems, this guy has made his mark. He has 28,000 followers on Instagram and the count doesn’t stop! Check out a few posts by him:

Suede suave // tap for details

A photo posted by Usaamah Siddique (@thedapperlabel) on

Shades of blue with @peterengland #WorkIndigo

A photo posted by Usaamah Siddique (@thedapperlabel) on

Grey's 🔘

A photo posted by Usaamah Siddique (@thedapperlabel) on

3. @_abix_

Abhinav Mathur, a style blogger from Delhi has created quite a stir on Instagram with his helpful style posts and entertaining Dubsmash videos. He is one of the most dapper Indian men on social media networking sites. Have a glance at his posts:

4. @TheSnazzyMan

Mohnish Panjabi keeps himself snazzed up all the time! A man whose tips would make you want to reassess the way you dress. He has great tips for men to stay stylish. Check him out here:

5. @Singhgentry

Gurjeet Sohanpal influences the masses through his suave personality and class. He is carving his way into the market with creative and innovative style perspectives. Despite having a full time finance job, Gurjeet chose fashion which is his forever passion. Here are a few posts that stand true to his style:

Go Tell Your Friends About It • 📸: @davidhinga • #singhgentry #streetsmart #londonstyle

A photo posted by Gurj Sohanpal (@singhgentry) on

Free Yourself. • 📸: @coastal_flicks #singhgentry #nyc #centralpark

A photo posted by Gurj Sohanpal (@singhgentry) on

After all, Why should girls have all the fun?

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