Another Woman Tries To Take Life By Jumping Off Vashi Bridge, Saved By Fishermen

A woman from Nerul along with her two kids came to take their lives by jumping from Vashi Bridge on Monday evening. However, the alert fishermen in the area apprehended her before she could commit the crime and handed her over to the local police.

According to the police, the woman in her late thirties lives with her in-laws and the kids, in a flat in Nerul. Her husband stays abroad. She had been facing some family issues for the past several months and finally decided to take life by jumping off the bridge.

“She was walking towards the old bridge with her seven-year-old son and four-year-old daughter in the evening. Some local fishermen understood her motive from her body language and accosted her. They later took her to us,” said Suraj Padvi, police inspector from Vashi police station while speaking to The Today’s News.

It is famous spot for suicide
Spot where people try to take their lives.

The police later counselled her and informed her family about it. Her family members came to the police station and took her home.

“Had the fishermen not caught hold of her, probably she would have killed her kids and then committed suicide. Their timely action saved three lives,” another police officer said. The Vashi police have not registered any case against anyone.

In the past:

  • A 35 year old man from Wadala, first threw his minor daughter and then took his life by jumping of the bridge in July. He suspected his wife’s character and hence took the drastic step.
  • 55 year old Ashok Dondubite from Vashi, took his life by jumping off the bridge on April 14.
  • A 16 year old boy from Wadala tried to take his life by jumping off the bridge on April 7. However, because of low tide, he fell in a shallow part of the creek and was rescued by the fishermen of that area after almost five hours.
  • A 35 year old woman from Nerul jumped off the bridge intending taking her life in July last year. Within a few seconds her fiancé also jumped off to save her. Both of them were however, rescued by the local fishermen.
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