1. How much do I get paid?

You are paid 70% of the total in-page earnings.

2. What should I understand by in-page earnings?

Every page has certain number of advertisements. These ads are according to the preferences of reader. Depending upon the location of readers and the number of times the article is read, the company whose ad(s) is/are displayed on that page, pays us a certain amount. You receive 70% of that amount i.e., for ALL the ads that are displayed on your published post’s page.

3. My current company pays me a fixed amount for my articles and I am paid instantly. But, according to your previous answer, my earnings are dependent upon the popularity of my work. So what if my published work gains popularity after one week from its publishing date, will I be paid in this case?

Yes, you will be paid whatever your article earns in the first 30 days from the date and time it is published.

4. Why don't you pay per word or a fixed amount like my current company does?

We strongly believe that fixed amounts or pay per word payments are not in your benefit as they underpay you.

5. Okay, I understand that fixed payments or pay-per-word are not in my benefit. But then, will I be able to earn more than what I am getting paid now or might be getting paid elsewhere?

That’s great that you understand why fixed amounts or pay per word are not beneficial for you in long term, though they provide instant gratification. Yes, there are chances that you can earn more than what you are getting paid now.

6. Give me an idea about my expected earnings before I submit my first article.

Earnings can go beyond your expectations. So, on the higher side you can make more than Rs 2500 from one article and on the lower side the worst case scenario is that, you might get no readership and you end up earning only few rupees. On the other hand, if your article goes viral in any part of the world, then you can earn in double-digit thousands or even lakhs.

7. My dashboard does not show me any information about the number of reads or payments, where can I find the information?

Below the heading, there is a sharing bar which has a counter. That counter displays total number of shares. Your post is gaining popularity if it has crossed 50. When you will be contacted for payment after 30 days, you will be provided a screenshot from our panel that will display your total earnings and total reads in a month. This functionality will soon be visible to you in your dashboard. However, no fixed date can be confirmed now as it is under development.

8. But I am interested in instant payment. Is there any option?

Yes; just send us an email at [email protected] from your registered email address. Tell us that your first article is published, and that you are interested in receiving your payment after seven days. Send this email after our editorial teams informs you that your article is published. We will first send you an acknowledgement email, and then happily contact you after seven days to send you your payment.

Note: We understand that 30 days is a long period, but on the other hand, 30 days are more than enough for the whole world to know what you have written. This will ensure enough time for your payments, and for your readership to grow. But, for a limited time, we have introduced an option of receiving payments exactly after seven days. This option is applicable only on your first article, and you are paid only if your payment crosses the mark of Rs.100 ($1.5). If, in case, it fails to cross the Rs.100 ($1.5) mark, we will let you know about this and the normal procedure will be followed.

9. Do I need to submit an article everyday? Am I bound somehow?

No, there are no bounds in working with us.

10. I am interested in writing for The Today's News but, what steps can I take to increase my readership?

That’s wonderful, we are excited to see your first submission. The first thing that you must do, after getting the link of your published post, is to share it among your friends and family. But, remember, do not spam. You can share the link of the article on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. Then, you can share our page or profile with your friends, for them to view your article. If you know about SEO, then you can write SEO friendly copies and let us know the keyword(s) you are targeting. (No problem, if you don’t know about SEO.) You should check these links before moving on to the next answer. (Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4)

11. So, does that mean I will be paid only if I share, and it gets popular? I don't have many followers. What efforts does The Today's News put in improving the readership of my published work?

All the copies that get published, are optimised for, and indexed by popular search engines. You can try googling ‘inra blood group’, or ‘2000 rs note mistake’. The four images in the previous answer are a sample of our efforts of sharing your articles with the right audience. Moreover, all the published articles are shared with our followers on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram. Follow us there, and invite your friends too; so they will never miss any of your posts.

12. How soon will I be able to start earning and when will I receive payments?

You can start earning from your first published article. You will be paid exactly after 30 days from the date of publishing.

13. I am interested, what do I need to do to start writing for The Today's News?

There are no tests to be eligible for becoming a writer with The Today’s News. Any one, expert or beginner can become a writer with The Today’s News. You need to visit The Today’s News Writers Portal, read our style guide and start submitting your articles to us, which will be published after review by our editorial team.

14. Tell me a bit about your review process.

Our editorial team analyses every article that we receive. Either they will be published, not published or need improvement. A sub-editor/editor will get in touch with you and will let you know the status of your submission. You may be provided reason(s) if it is not published and suggestions if it needs improvement.

Note: If you are sending us a time-sensitive article, then mention this at the beginning of your title/content in brackets and we will make sure it gets published on time. Though we start working on an article as soon as we receive it, but the maximum time we will take to publish a post is 2 days.

15. What are the ways to get paid?

Indian writers will be paid through their preferred e-wallets or direct bank transfer. Preferable payment method for foreign writers will be discussed over email.

16. Are my payments taxed?

The Today’s News does not withhold any taxes from payments. Writers are responsible for determining any tax liabilities incurred from payments received by The Today’s News.

17. Do I have to be in India to be a writer?

No, people from around the world are welcome.

18. Do you have a minimum payout?

For Indian writers, it is Rs 500. For foreign writers, it is $10.

19. What is an Editor's Pick?

Articles/Listicles which qualify to be ‘Editor’s Pick’ contain:

1. Five or less than five errors

The dashboard offers you ability to save your work as a draft and an option to preview it. This option will help you spot errors in your copy, and you can correct them before submitting them.

We count incorrect use of English language, grammatical, typing and formatting mistakes as errors.

2. The article/listicle should be relevant to the category chosen and must have a strong impact on readers.

Nothing can beat an article/listicle on latest and trending topics.

3. The article/listicle should be according to the style guide.

In general, an Editor’s Pick article must stand out from all the other articles/listicles for its quality.

20. How will I be associated with The Today's News?

The writers are awarded following titles:

1. Correspondent

The correspondent title is offered to those who have at least:
1. 10 published articles/listicles and
2. one Editor’s Pick

2. Senior Correspondent

To be a senior correspondent, you need to have at least:
1. 25 published articles/listicles and
2. five Editor’s Pick

Important: Once you become a ‘Senior Correspondent’ with us, we review your profile for sub-editor post. All suitable candidates are contacted via email/mobile.

3. Featured Writer

Featured writers have at least:
1. 50 published articles/listicles
2. 15 Editor’s Pick and
3. won one ‘Writer of the Week’ contest

4. Featured Columnist

Featured columnist’s title is offered to those who have at least:
1. 100 published articles/listicles
2. 30 Editor’s Pick and
3. won three ‘Writer of the Week’ contest

1. Writer of the week contest is currently on hold.

2. If you have not achieved the correspondent title, then your biography will be displayed to readers as The Today’s News Contributor along with links to your social media profiles.

21. I have a blog, can I submit articles which I have already published there (or elsewhere)?

No, we are only looking for original work.

22. The style guide is really long, can you provide me some quick tips?

There is no substitute for style guide, so read at least 10% of it, which is up to ‘Facebook Comments/Tweets’. Reading up to this point will give you a better understanding of what we will accept.

Here are few things that we don’t accept:

1. Articles/Listicles with ‘I’s or ‘We’s.

2. If you are using ‘you’, then make sure you don’t impose anything on the reader. Persuade the reader with sufficient facts and findings. Let your work speak. Read style guide for more information on this.

3. Even for categories like Lifestyle, don’t use ‘I’ or ‘We’.

4. Articles/Listicles with no images.

5. Articles/Listicles with incorrect use of English language, punctuation mistakes, grammar mistakes, many typographical errors and written in American English are not accepted. Read our style guide for more information. We may not provide you an explanation for rejecting such articles. Any other reasons for rejecting any article will be conveyed.

23. What are some suggestions for articles?

Latest and trending news from around the world is what we are primarily looking for. Breaking news that is not published elsewhere receives extra compensation. Check this link.

Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site!