Coldplay Concert: 9 Things A Non-Coldplay Fan Is Feeling Right Now

Yes, non-Coldplay fans do exist. And they do have emotions.

The Coldplay concert is all set to begin in Mumbai, and what looked like a lifetime wait for the fans is about to come to an end. It’s everywhere on the social media, and has created a huge buzz across the country.

But, there are people who are not into Coldplay’s music, and they just can’t seem to understand all this noise. So, don’t worry, because you are not the only one. This is what the non-Coldplayers are feeling right now.

1. Nothing to do over the weekend, as most of their friends are attending the Coldplay concert.

Even more, if you are a Mumbaikar.

2. Trying to find another one of your kind to talk about this craziness.

Hey, you! Yes, you! We are BFF’s from today on.

3. Questioning your taste in music.

It’s okay. Everybody has moments of doubt. You are only human.

4. Arriving at the conclusion that they do have a good taste in music, and it is better than the rest.

My music is good music.

5. It’s just Coldplay ya! Big deal.

Not like you are going to dine with Shah Rukh Khan.

6. Should have just signed up for Global Citizen India, so as to win the tickets TO SELL THEM

I could have looked at it as a profitable venture. But, alas!

7. Social media is already flooded with people winning the tickets and all that excitement. I’m afraid what’ll happen to my wall during, and after the concert.

Enough is enough.

8. Trying to listen to Coldplay songs.

Because we never know what we might start liking!

9. Face major existential crisis. Is the world going to accept me after they get to know I don’t like Coldplay?

The coming days may seem a little difficult but, this too shall pass.

A huge shout out to every non-Coldplay fan out there!

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