Did you know that travel fairs are a thing? Where you can explore amazing bargains and travel deals and packages? *drumroll* Welcome to the world of Matta Fair.

Matta fair is basically a platform for all travel agencies and dealers to present travelers and wanderlust gypsy souls with the most satisfying packages. It is held at Putra World Trade Centre, in the beautiful city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

But what is it really that makes this better than your easily reachable and nearby travel board? Let’s find out.

1More customers, better discounts

Credits: http://www.thestar.com.my/metro/community/2015/03/17/fair-prices-draw-travellers-visitors-come-from-near-and-far-for-good-holiday-deals-at-matta-fair/

Since the crowd at this fair is substantial, most tourism boards offer greater discounts and promotions.

2You save a LOT

Credits: http://blog.malaysia-asia.my/2011/05/matta-fair-august-2011-at-pwtc-kuala.html

These discounts are just too hard to look away from.

3Everybody gets a second chance

Credits: http://mattafair.org.my/index.php/en/for-exhibitors

The probable best thing about this fair is that it’s held twice a year. Once in March, and once in September. Thank God for second chances!

4It is basically heaven for travelers

Credits: http://mole.my/malaysia-airlines-partners-with-matta-fair-2015/

Shout out to all you wayfarers who restrain themselves from traveling because of money. Here’s your chance, don’t miss it!

5Luxury of two-in-one

Credits: https://ringgitplus.com/en/blog/Personal-Finance-News/The-Great-MATTA-Fair-2015-Review.html

With the renovation of Sunway Putra Mall, the top floor is dedicated to fantastic food street. So feast on the fantastic food street delicacies while you attend the fair.

6Even the small is big

Credits: https://www.wtstravel.com.sg/index.php/component/content/article/29-edm/346-malaysia-travel-fair-19-22-may-2016

An image showing the display of MITM travel fair
Credits: http://www.mitmtravelfair.com/

Apart from the main event, selected states of Malaysia also host their own Matta Fairs which are held throughout the year.

7Numerous options

Credits: https://ringgitplus.com/en/blog/Personal-Finance-News/The-Great-MATTA-Fair-2015-Review.html

There are over 100 booths offering travel packages. Larger companies, as well as smaller ones, come into one place.

8Special deals are really special

Credits: https://twitter.com/thtstweet/status/497696161038233600

The fair also offers some distinct deals like Muslim Package deal to cater to Muslim travelers. These packages include all-halal cuisines, prayer stops and sometimes even Muslim tour guides that speak English.

9Remarkable performances, shows, features, and artist appearances

Companies entertain the crowd with special shows to attract customers.

10Overwhelming experience

All in all, it is a stupendous experience for all the attendees. One gathers a lot of information about different countries and travelling, along with the greatest travel deals of all time.

The Matta Fair is one of the finest ideas of a fair, however, one should always be cautious about the deals and study the terms and conditions thoroughly. It is a massive affair for travelers all over the world.

–Happy Traveling–

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