1. New Blood Group Found in Surat, India.
2. Blood Group is named ‘INRA‘.
3. WHO has certified it.
4. 3 Indian doctors led the discovery.

Suppose you go to a doctor to get your Blood Group tested. And as you come back to home, you receive a call from the doctor asking you to come to the hospital fast. And before you could ask him the reason, he yells again to reach hospital real quick and hangs up the phone. You fasten your seat belt and reach the hospital where you are told that you might have got a unique undiscovered blood group because the doctors could not match it with any existing ones, so we are giving it your name and calling it ‘INRA’. Now, before you could express amazement, you are told that you are now ineligible to receive and donate your blood because it is so unique that chances are so low of anyone having it. And now all sort of wrong thoughts come up in your mind because heck you cannot receive blood from anyone. What would you do in case you will ever need blood in life? While you were thinking all this, the doctor asks you to give another sample because they want it to get validated from WHO Lab. Great story, isn’t it? Well, it is now true.

Image of INRA doctor photo
Credits: Dainik Bhaskar

1. The New Blood Group is Called ‘INRA’

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A new Blood Group is discovered in Lok Samarpan Blood Bank, Surat, Gujarat, India. This Blood Group has not been found before and is absolutely unique. The Blood Group is named ‘INRA’ where IN denotes India and RA denotes the initials of the person from whom the blood sample was taken.

Image of Doctors who discovered INRA Blood Group
Credits: Dainik Bhaskar

2. Three Indian Doctors Led the Discovery.

The doctors who tested the sample are Dr. Sanmukh Joshi, Dr. Kinjal Mendpara and Dr. Ankita Sheldiya who were shocked after they were unable to match it with any existing Blood Group. They sent the sample to World Health Organisation’s Laboratory and it has validated the Indian doctors’ claims of ‘INRA’ being a completely new blood group.

Image of INRA doctor photo
Credits: Dainik Bhaskar

The doctors are now conducting the blood tests of family members to learn more about its origin. WHO Report concludes that anyone with this unique blood group can neither donate the blood to anyone, nor their body can accept any other blood group. Dr. Sanmukh Joshi says that such people are included under the medical term known as ‘COLTOL’.

Congratulations to the team of three doctors who took the case seriously and helped India add another discovery to the list.

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