Rs 2000 Notes: Did Modi Govt Make A Mistake On The Back Side?

New Indian currency notes have become a subject of discussion ever since they have been into circulation. Now, people have discovered a typographical error on the back side of the Rs 2000 note. The matter is escalating on social media and a WhatsApp message is raising the question on whether these notes should be discarded.

Many twitter users also discovered similar typographical errors on the back side of the note.

1Seems like 2000 note has a typo in spelling it out in Hindi. #probably Maharashtrian typist & gujju designer for it. #BlackMoney #india

2How did the @PMOIndia not notice the typo in the new 2000 Rs note? It reads ‘Don’ hazaar, not ‘do’. #currencyban

3Mistake in the new ₹2K note. It says Don Hazar Rupiya in Hindi. I am told there is a mistake in the Urdu text also.

4Hindi don hazar rupaya or do hazar???

But, the reality is, that, there is no typographical error in the 2000 rupees note. The back side of 2000 rupees note has the value written in 15 different Indian languages, out of which none is Hindi.

2000 rupees note mistake

The Hindi version is written on the left hand side, and the ones confused with Hindi, are Konkani and Marathi languages. Both these languages are native to south-west India, hence explaining the similarity in them.

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