Virat Kohli Accused Of Ball Tampering

Indian Captain Virat Kohli Caught Tampering | Ball Tampering By Virat Kohli
Indian Captain Virat Kohli Caught Tampering | Ball Tampering By Virat Kohli

England cricket team is on the tour of Indian subcontinent to play five test match series followed by three ODI and three T20 Internationals. England team has produced a good show in the first test match played in Rajkot but tough reply from Indians has made it a comfortable draw. In the second test match, English batting order scrumbled and India have clinched the Vishakapatam match with a huge margin leading 1-0 in the five match series.

An English newspaper has accused Indian skipper Virat Kohli for ball tampering during the first test match in Rajkot. British newspaper ‘Daily Mail’ have produced an evidence showing how Virat has used residue of sweet in his mouth to shine the ball. Although the match resulted in a draw on the final day of the game. The newspaper said, Kohli was seen to put his hands deep in the mouth and then used that to shine one side of the ball.

“Footage has emerged of India captain Virat Kohli appearing to shine the ball using residue from a sweet during his country’s draw with England in the first Test.” was the exact reading from the daily newspaper.

“Television cameras caught Kohli, who finished on 49 not out on the final day in Rajkot, putting his right hand towards his mouth,” it added.

“The 28-year-old can be seen rubbing his fingers in his mouth, inside of which is a sweet. He then appears to shine one side of the ball.”

Although there were no such clues from the field umpires and match referee during the job. Was the Indian skipper really involved in such act or it is just to distract him from the game to create pressure as he is very well leading the team and scoring runs for the side.

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