A Whopping Bunch of People Are Searching For “Tiffany Trump” On Pornhub

Tiffany Trump is popular with horny people, according to pornhub.com

It has been observed, that, whenever something big happens in our world, it instantly shares its space on Pornhub. Some real life examples include: When ‘Overwatch’ was launched, it’s character ‘Tracer’ was the most popular searched term on Pornhub. Same was in the case of robbing of Kim Kardashian in Paris. If it’s huge news, you will get it on Pornhub.

The extremely surprising victory of Donald Trump in the US Presidential election, is no different. According to Pornhub insights, Trump’s current wife Melania has been the most searched. Her video saw a rise of 1538% in search, followed by her daughter, Ivanka, who got a search volume of 1169% more.

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But, the latest gig in the era is Tiffany Trump; with a massive 2548% rise in search for content related to her. She is an American internet personality, and the only daughter of Donald Trump and Marla Maples. She’s into modelling and singing, and also has a music single, called ‘Like a Bird’.

According to a Pornhub reports, “Together, they accounted for nearly 250,000 Pornhub searches on Nov. 9th, and have remained higher than normal in the days that have followed”.

Latest Update

While search levels for most Trump family members returned to slightly above average, searches for Tiffany Trump continued to increase. Tiffany is now a trending search on Pornhub, up +9128% based on her previous averages.

It should be noted that Donald Trump still remains the most popular Trump by raw search volume, mostly due to the large number of porn parodies produced in his honour. Even with Tiffany’s +9128% growth, she still hasn’t managed to surpass her father’s popularity on Pornhub.

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